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Watani Loans 

Own your dream Home now in Lebanon


1.   The Housing Loan

Own your dream home in Lebanon: With NBK Lebanon, benefit from a housing loan as a Lebanese residing in Kuwait or as a Kuwaiti National. Registration and a variety of real estate services are provided to fulfill your needs and give you a peace of mind. NBK Lebanon offers a maximum amount of USD 1.5 million over a period of 20 years with an interest rate of 4.75% for the first year and then it becomes 5.5% reviewed annually.

2.   Choosing the appropriate property

If the client is having trouble fulfilling his requirements during his short stay in Lebanon, we can propose a reliable real estate agent to be at his disposal. This service will help him choose the ideal property in the region of his choice, according to his specifications.

  • The chosen property should be a freehold residential property located in Lebanon and without any encumbrance of having a 1st degree mortgage registered in NBK-Lebanon favor.

  • Property should be fully completed and ready to sell.

3.   Appraisal

  • Property must be evaluated by NBK appointed evaluators i.e. evaluators must be on NBK’s approved list of evaluators.

  • If the purchase price is more than the property market value, the difference has to be paid by the customer, prior to loan disbursement, together with LTV being maintained.

  • Post Disbursal, as per local regulations, revaluation of the property should be undertaken biennially (once every 2 years) by NBK’s approved evaluators. The client pays the revaluation fees. This applies for all clients benefitting from Housing Loan facilities.


4.   Legal Consultation

Legal procedures are at the heart of the real estate operations. Therefore, we place our legal advisor at the customer’s disposal and will assist with the following services:

·         Preparation and analysis of the required documents to ensure that the property is free of any potential legal issues.

·         Clarification of the law regarding the right of property ownership for foreigners in Lebanon.

·         Detailed explanation of the processes of purchasing and registering the property.

·         Detailed explanation of the annual taxes and required fees on the property.


5.   File Fees and Loan Establishment

In order to save time for client, we are ready to complete the process of buying and registering his property through an official power of attorney in the name of the National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon) SAL, to perform the following procedures on his behalf:

  • Commission: 0.75% of the loan amount (Maximum USD 5000).

  • Appraisal / Valuation fees: USD 150- USD 250 (Based on property location) to be debited from the borrower’s account.

  • Life and Property insurance premium to be bourne by the borrower: Life Insurance will be 120% of the loan amount paid by the borrower once for the whole tenor.

  • Property and Mortgage registration fees, including stamp fees to be bourne by the borrower.

  • Biennial revaluation fees to be bourne by the borrower if LTV> 50%.

  • Mortgage fees: circa 3% (1.5% on establishment and 1.5% on release) + USD 200 ( If the mortgage amount less than USD 120,000 and loan tenor > 7 years, no mortgage fees to be paid.

  • Registration fees; 6% of sales amount.

  • Early Prepayment fee: 2% of prepaid loan amount.


6. Instant payment service (Domiciliation of bills)

You can benefit from the instant payment service to settle telephone, electricity and cellular bills from your account throughout the year.


7. Safe Deposit Boxes

To safeguard all the legal documents and deeds and your valuable belongings, we place at your disposal the safe deposit box service, found in the Head Office and the Bhamdoun branch.


Do you need help in financing your dreams?

To apply for your personal loan, simply visit any of our branches in Lebanon or in Kuwait.

For more information Contact us on:

NBK- Kuwait: 965 1 801801

For more information Contact Names at NBK Lebanon:

NBK Lebanon: 961 1 759700; Mrs. Fawzieh Salloum; Ext: 722

                                             Mr. Hani Sabbagh; Ext: 725



If you are in Lebanon, just visit us at any of our Local Branches.



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