Super Account


Enjoy flexibility and simple solutions for your day-to-day banking needs, no matter what your lifestyle.

  • Option to open account in Lebanese Pounds, US.Dollars, and other major foreign currencies.
  • Minimum opening balance of $1,500 or counter value (c/v)
  • Keep your monthly minimum average balance of your account above LBP 1,000,000
  • View and manage your account through NBK Online and NBK Mobile Banking


  • Free Statement of account
  • Quarterly Credit Interest when applicable
  • Platinum ATM Debit card (Master Card)
  • Access over 650,000 ATM machines and Point of Sale globally
  • Free Internet Banking service (NBK Online)
  • Free Mobile Banking service
  • Domiciliation of Utility Bills
  • Subscribe to real time SMS alerts on each transaction done through the ATM or Point of Sale at home and abroad (Mandatory as per Central bank of Lebanon)
  • Subscribe to Cellbanking Alerts and receive SMS alerts on each transaction done on your account(s) at home and abroad

Common Questions

  • Who can benefit from a super account?
    • Any person 18 years old and above
    • In need to control his/her day to day spending by using a current account with a checkbook
  • How to apply?
    • Visit any branch in Lebanon or Kuwait
  • What are the documents required?
    • A valid national ID/passport
    • Residency proof
    • Employer Reference Letter or Other bank statement of account with bank stamp for at least 6 months or Utility Bill in your name
  • How to avoid the monthly charge on my account?
    • Keep your monthly minimum average balance above LBP 1,000,000
  • How to protect my ATM Debit Card?
    • Keep your PIN a secret.
    • Don’t expose your card to magnetic objects, dirt, keys or other objects that might damage it
    • If your card is lost or stolen, notify immediately the Bank or call (961-1)738800 to stop the card
    • When shopping, be sure that you get your card back after every purchase
    • Always make sure that sales vouchers are for the correct purchase amount and in the currency of the country you are visiting
    • Link your card to your mobile phone and receive SMS alerts
    • Keep watching your statement of account(s) and inform the Bank immediately of any suspicious transaction
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